Pineapple - Contrary Motion

by Jameson Dunham

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There is often a contradiction between what we think and what we say, as well as what we say and what we do. The man behind the curtain is not always the man projected onto the screen. Thoughts, actions, emotions - they all move through our lives in different directions. Our goal must be resolve. Even inside of us, our tendencies can be disrupted. Train of thought can be eastbound and westbound at the same time. While the sea of thought may be fun to indulge in from time to time, it is only here and now that we can be truly happy. Avoid acting, hypocrisy, and indecision. They are all burdens in our lives, they are all contrary motion.


released October 8, 2010

Cameron Mitchell - Drums
Alex Fedrizzi - Bass
Jameson - Guitar, Keys, Vocals




indiefolkjazz Moab, Utah

a collection of friends from Central New York who like making music together

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Track Name: One For Alex

“Do not be satisfied with hearsay or with tradition or with legendary lore, or with what has come down in scriptures or with conjecture or with logical inference, or with weighting evidence, or with liking for a view after pondering it over with someone else’s ability, or with the thought; the monk is our teacher. When you know in yourselves these things are wholesome, blameless, commended by the wise, and when adopted and put into effect they lead to welfare and happiness, then you should practice and abide in them”
Track Name: Beyond
Once beyond the silence
Tales from our youth
Friends sitting beside us
And I’m next to you
Don’t you leave me in the silence
There’s a hope still unsatisfied
And once your here you can take me home
I’m unsatisfied

I don’t to lie and leave me soul behind
Its the truth, concerning you
When I’m with my friends its the same story again
It’s abuse, It’s abuse

Take what you will but leave my soul alone
I do not need a thrill I just want a home
And if you need me then I want you too
Because with or with out you I do not know what to do
Track Name: Meadow Kid
We started in a meadow covered in skin
And all the ones scribbling hands
Without me
Listen to your skin
Listen here now kid

How are you? How do you do?
Do you like what you’ve become?
And if I were me
I’d stop and I’d see
We’ve been living separately in the past
And I had a blast
But I went too fast

So we went to the park just to have a talk
And we made good friends inside of the rock
And I thank you, for what you said to me
My actions are the source of my brains divorce
And I’d love to let nature run its course
But it’s happening, it’s happening way to fast
And I had a blast
But that was the past

I want to see what I have in store
But its me who is no more
And my friend I am dead
I lost the war
Track Name: The Woods
Lost in the woods
You promised a stone
Of crystal blue
On a distant shore
I saw you

In the ebony sand
A mist of gray
In the palm of my hand
I saw you

Dont you let me go
You pick me up when I am down
And everyone knows
Shadows will come and stars will fall
Track Name: Insernia
Everybody do what they do
Everybody sees what’s on the news
Gonna take a walk
Down to the park
Going to the mall
We got it all
What do they do?

See what they want
And where they’re from
And what they’ve got

Everybody thinks they know the show
Fact and fiction they are so close
Inside our heads
Decides the rest
The balance of insernia
What to they do?

See what they want
And where they’re from
And what they’ve got
We got it all
At the mall
The prices they may vary
Track Name: Dream Came True
As the weeping willow weeps the daughter of the king sleeps
Her house is not a home, Its just a place to keep her warm
And she says: I know that money cant buy love
Fame and fortune is a lie

As she’s sitting in her chair, out the window she stares
At the sycamores green leaves, oh how happy it seems
And she says: One day I will find a home
A simple place to call my own

And as she cries tears chlorophyll her eyes
Her mind and body becomes one
Because what she sees
Isn't as green as she’d like it to be with me

Happy halloween, candy fills this scene
There’s colours all around and the leaves are on the ground
And she says: Even nature has no home, maybe I’m not so alone

And it seems to me she’s beginning to see
That I am green as a tree
A golden larch cant grow very far without its leaves

Now she has a home, a perennial place to call her own
There’s only one thing she wants more
The opportunity to explore
And she says:
What a wonderful dream
Track Name: The Battle
Everyday is a battle that is won
Write my words and sing this song
Have you ever seen the snow?
Have you ever seen the sun?
Would you really like to know
If the battle is won?

Everything you see all you’ll ever have
You will find in the palm of your hand
But I’m not the one
Who sees through the land
I am not a god I am just man

Somewhere in time
Space heals my mind
And I say
What do I buy? Life.
You keep distant from your throne
You like to question what you know
I mind I mind

Be good to your body and your mind
They’re the only ones you have so please be kind
But you’ll lose that as well
So take care of your health
You’ll lose everything
When you lose yourself
Track Name: Too Good To Be False
It’s the everlasting fear
We instill into ourselves
Are we really here?
Or are we somewhere else?

Men are born while some men die
Will we ever reach the sky?
Its a question some live by
Take that ride into the sky

Dont do what I say is wrong
Eternal is much too long
And if you want to go there
Please feel free to take this dare
Go and think literal
Its your own funeral
If you think for yourself
You will just end up in hell

They aren’t dead why do you cry
If somewhere they’re still alive
It wont happen we cant die
Its too good to be a lie
Track Name: Equality
We are born as equals
We are born as us
But something happens
To our trust
It is given to those
That we dont know
And it is formed
While we grow
By our friends
Our families
And society
There is no such thing as variety
Cause we’ve all been pressured
They’ve shaped our minds
Its just a part of mankind
Track Name: Life
Got myself a new record today
I put it on to see just what he had to say
It blew my mind, wasted no more time life starts today
Gonna pick up the pieces write an album
Gonna have to cease this its part of the problem now
What do you know? I’m starting to grow
It’s time to have some fun

Life doesn't get better than this
Life is something you can miss
If you dont start now

It doesn’t seem the same
When youre in the shade
But listen to me when I say you’ve got it made
Do nothing wrong because
When youre gone youll waste away
Dont sleep with the fishes
Fix your problems
Don’t cause any mischief
Your part of the problem now
And if you go it will start to show
How much they miss and love you

Life doesn't get better than this
Life is something you can miss
If you dont start now
Track Name: Too True
Many a mystery
Foe from fact
Behind everything we see
The truth lies in tact

Within questions lie answers
That stray us from the truth
I know the question
And the answer is you

It is really quite simple
Yet many dont understand
Our purpose in life
Is to help our fellow man

I am not a man I’m a mere entity
Just like all the people and everything you see
Polytheistic and monotheism
They are all wrong we are organisms
Living in our homes from our death until our birth
We are trying to be people in our quiet universe
And on lives us for two centuries or so
Until death falls upon everybody that we know
Cause death is the birth of our modern man
Creation is wrong it was Darwin’s plan
The preacher wasn’t lying wasn’t trying to deceive
Its about being free its about what you believe