Nobody Clears Out a Room like

by typewriter.

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Gary Sleith
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Gary Sleith Checked this out after a review on Manic Compression(great blog) and it lives up to the review - hard to pin down this sound but there was an Archers Of Loaf comparison in the review and that was enough for me - check it out.
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Recorded in jamesons garage as well as chrises house and various other places


released February 3, 2014

Chris Flack - Guitar, Vocals
Matt Harkins - Drums
Wiz - Bass
Peter O'Flaherty - Guitar
Jameson Dunham - Guitar
Cian McCarthy - Keyboards

Recordings by Jameson Dunham and Chris Flack




indiefolkjazz Moab, Utah

a collection of friends from Central New York who like making music together

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Track Name: Longday
Give it a rest. Yeah, give me a break
I'm counting down the seconds from the moment I wake
You're driving me off and it's turning me on
I gotta find out what I'm doing wrong

You're scaring me off your island
You just wanna live in silence
Find some distance from these tyrants
Like the violence in your heart; it screams like sirens

It's an octave or a few from here
And it's shocking when the room appears to be empty
It's empty
But it's been that way the whole damn day

I've been sleeping
And when I wake, I can't wait
For this wave to break
Track Name: I Ask You Only
I ask you only
To never leave
That much you owe me
Don't you believe
In all our daydreams
And all our thoughts?
You'll move away with me
Like all our plots

And it's all just a part of our plan
And I won't let you let go of my hand

You keep your memories
Out at bay
You say you're empty
And you won't stay
But all the times that
You try to go
I try to cry but laugh
Because I know

That it's all just a part of our plan
And I won't let you let go of my hand

But if you someday leave me here
Without the feeling of you near
I might just say I never loved
But there's no-one else
That I can think of
But you
Track Name: New Oakland
Something's happening
Something's happening
Something's happening

Something's happening
Down in New Oakland
What is happening?

Tell me
You want to get clean
Build some self-esteem
You're working toward a dream
That you don't believe in

Believe it! Just do it!

Something's happening here
Can't you see it clear?
Now it's disappearing
Just give it some time
So you don't waste mine
And you just might find it

What is it? It's brilliance!