Muddle In Your Bones

by Thrifter

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“Muddle In Your Bones” is an album grown from the confusion that we all face in everyday life. We constantly ask ourselves questions like: what is the meaning of life? What am I going to eat for breakfast? Who are the Kardashians? Why couldn’t Steve Jobs create an app that cured him of his illness? In the process of finding the answers, we find more questions. Then when we find the answers to those questions, we discover answers to questions that we haven’t even asked. Searching for the questions to these answers, leads us to question our quest for the questioning which in turn creates answers to past questions that we forgot about. Then, when we are finally able to answer the questions that we originally quested for, we realize that we forgot what the original question actually was. In the end, there will always be more questions than answers, more milk than cereal, more salsa than chips, or more chips than salsa. To quote the late Gecellamo Jacobs: “When love is in your grasp, don’t be afraid to make the moment last”.


released October 29, 2011

Songs and Recordings by Cliff Obrist
Cliff - Guitar, Keys, Vox
Brandon Fisher - Drums
Jameson - Bass

Album Art by Troy Fisher




indiefolkjazz Moab, Utah

a collection of friends from Central New York who like making music together

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Track Name: Founded To Find
i'll lead the sheep
through the fields through mountains, rivers over hills
to where the grass is green
where all sheep should be

the destination's on the map
but i can't seem to find the path
and oh its hard to see
the forest runs so deep

a painted face through the dark
an arrow pierces through the heart
a warrior stands his ground
but no war can be found

the silly things we set in stone
are tied around our flesh and bone
and thrown into the sea
oh how we sink

but all the sheep have gone
frightened by the words i spoke to them
if this is the song
i'll sing it till they all come home

so please oh please
so please just save me
this love is in the air
i think its only fair
that you would be the one
to hold me down
or pick me off the ground
i think you're all i need
you are all I see
Track Name: When Johnny Lost His Guns
we all know how to love
but do we know how to evolve
someone told me of a plan
where heart and soul will never part again

my thoughts came leaking out
i told em please oh dont you leave
i need the noise to calm my heart
this overbearing comfort
though the night was cold, the wind was warm

when the sun shines on
we'll see the stars again
when the sun shines on
everythings gonna be alright yea

when johnny lost his guns
he prayed for all the battles he had won
and would never fight
when love is in your grasp
dont be afraid to make the moment last
before you lose it all
and though the night was cold the wind was warm

And i would really like to say I need you
though i really can't stay with you
Track Name: How To Kill A Beast
you taught me everything i know
how to kill and keep the beasts at home
and through love you've cracked a million smiles
but some have cracked and fallen to the ground

When I say that I have everything
everything I have you've given me
and I though I could open my own doors
but that just doesn't work out anymore

so you found the best seat in the house
as it crumbled down
and the irony's too much to take it in
you've thought about how it would all work out
but you need somebody else
to fight for you when all has fallen through

don't we know its all been done
so let the creatures run
for with the measure that you use
surely will be measured back to you

so you found the best seat in the house
as it crumbled down
and the ironys too much to take it in
and we dont need nobody else
cuz we're fighting with ourselves
to further prove the circles we travel through

And when our dreams wake us from our sleep
to yell and cry and scream for this love, this love
then we've died
Track Name: BallyHoo
the moon has suddenly resumed its course and now
is headed for the sun
the earth i know will follow soon
oh we might live a week or two and you
know that we're all doomed
Now I see every part of life
and wouldn't you know that love
was always left behind

the sun will burn us all
theres nothing we can do
the earth will melt
as we all see the truth

now do you see how the darkness looms?
cut your ears just to cut it through
Well Malchus knows the truth
i've been thinking of myself all this time
i've been loving myself all this time all this time
and thinking i'm alright
now what did the good book say?
just turn this town to dust
or let it melt away to nothing

the sun will burn us all
there's nothing we can do
the earth will melt
as we all see the truth

and everyone will say "I'm burning alive"
no need to worry now your burning alive
the merry goes round

We'll save it for the final hour
when everything is looking grey
and that is just what we'll say
though the earth may melt away
though we may melt away
i know our hearts can still be saved
sing it with me now
Track Name: Holy Dirt Road
step by step we march to wake the dead
but at times i like to stop and rest
the road was hard but it all fell apart
and we were scattered through the fields of grain
then it was split
Cracked right through and down the middle
no way to fix no way to mend
and when you said you would leave us all for dead
did you know that it would be your grave?

though you want it all
you found yourself in a hole
and when you left I was just a boy then
but now i know what is wrong

we set off to find the ones we loved
and we knew what it'd cost
in this precious life we find
the better part of our worst side

brother you would send for me i know
through the dark there's a gentle breeze in the grass
brother you would send for me I know
follow me down to the sacred path

brother you would send for me i know
brother you would send for me I know I would send for you
Track Name: Suzy Left The Station
Suzy left the station on a sunday
he decided he'd stay in town for a while
but now that shes gone there's no place that feels warm
and her heart beats restlessly

the raindrops started falling in the distance
and we all knew the day was done
the place where we met is now a lemonade stand
but it still holds some memories for me

you thought a--bout how the world let you down
its over now so just let it go
she danced on the sunlight and fought in the rain
it was a pretty good dance for the times

way back when we had those stars in our head
the beat was old but the time was new
but we couldnt hold on much longer
when this song was all that we knew
well we couldn't hold on much longer
when this song was all that we knew

its hard to stay up off the ground
when your heart is an anchor that holds
i'll never forget all the feelings i left at the station
at the station
at the station

and we all know how the story goes
she left this town and his heart left his soul
we danced on the sunlight and fought in the rain
it was a pretty good dance for the times
it was a pretty good dance for the times
it was a pretty good dance for the times

i finally got a chance to say
everything i wanted to sayb
but its too late its too late to cry
its too late its too late to cry
Track Name: These Dark Places
Soon you will begin to see
how this sleeping giant was never really meant to rest
and only one can fill the space where he slept
this confidence stems from a part
of me that suffers from a lack of experience
and this is why i'll never learn

uncertain things i've tried to find
but theres no perfect place to start
and when i find this white dove
i'm gonna let it fly free
so maybe it might come back

in the meantime i'll be watching
from the darkest places i know
all the so called untamed running wild
and somewhere in a place thats unclear
theres a dreamer who hides saying all the same lines
you have been saying for years
and your worst fear is the she's waking

curse all these signs that i read
they're blurry and out of focus
their message i desperately try to heed
so please stay with me
so please dont you leave

the music plays on and on
the circumstance was perfect if ironies your song
and we all know how it feels to be a house
and not a home
Track Name: One More Thing
Its the same same old thing
that we do to you
when you want want it all
well we'll give it all to you
there's just one more thing

its so sad to say
you wanted nothing to change
it's so easy to hide
i'll tell ya I could use a hand to hold
But there's just one more thing
there's just one more thing

I wanna sleep in this hole and never move on
frolic in the fields as they burn
and in time we'll find
the place thats right
and all who have this fire will burn

The ship is sinkin slow but my heart will beat once more
for all the things i've tried to ignore
if we could see past the sun oh would you be the one
that we were waiting for?

you gotta know when you're getting closer to me
cuz you'll see my pretty face in every little thing
you gotta know when you're getting closer to me
when everything is wrong and i've been waiting for so long

There's just one more thing i needed to say

I wanna sleep in this whole and never move on
frolic in the fields as they burn
well it was once said to me
that place had such a hold on me
and i must say that its not the place to be